Anthropology Cafe Redo

So, I had the day off and decided that I would visit Anthropology again. Anthropology had been on my mind after that delightful chicken and waffle dish. However, I had a prior commitment and wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it to the cafe on time, Anthropology is out of the way for me. The other option was to go early. If you know me though, that wasn’t really an option as I would be losing out on sleep. Nah. 

So, with my appointment done, I for on a train to Pascoe Vale. After walking up a steep hill and taking a break before I reached the top, I got to Anthropology. They have a new menu and I ordered a waffle again. However, this waffle was different was a charcoal (?) waffle and came with ice-cream and bacon (beef). I had considered a savoury dish but none spoke to me. Besides, this dish was a mix of sweet and savoury.

My food came and the beef bacon looked so real I was worried. The individual components of the dish were good. I didn’t like that the bacon wasn’t crispier. The ice-cream was also creamier than at Strange Servant. Although the combo with the ice-cream wasn’t bad, I’d have preferred the dish without the ice-cream. I thought the dish could have been just savoury or just sweet.

So, after visiting Anthropology a second time, will I go again? I think I will when they change their menu. It’s good halal food, what’s not to love?

Anthropology is located at 349 Gaffney Street, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044. 


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